About Sale4Ever online stores, auctions & classifieds

https://www.Sale4Ever.com/ (SaleForEver Shopping Marketplace), is a growing shopping destination for international online shoppers. Sale4Ever.com is the perfect platform for global, local and niche/micro brands to reach a highly-engaged consumers and attracts small businesses who wish to get a fast online presence, with a global exposure. We provide you access to millions of active customers around the globe, localised customer experience and service.

As a semi-curated, secure and safe marketplace, Sale4Ever only lists genuine products from local and international vendors- allowing them to sell in auction style and fixed price classified listings. Sale4Ever best reviewed as a fresh alternative for the overcrowded larger marketplaces, growing to become a favourite shopping destination with the largest collection of electronics, smartphones, baby, pets, computers, fashion, jewellery, books and music.

It took us two years to develop our bespoke system, so we can bring you the latest and the best technology in the world. We emphasise high standards of safety and security for our shoppers- hence we developed an internal messaging system to avoid scammers and misleading sellers 
Unlike other online shopping sites, we performed 
vigorous tests on our bidding platform systems to check the stability and the performance quality, and also to make sure that all financial transactions are safe and secured (we don't have access to your financial information- all the transactions are being made securely on Paypal Servers (or your other preferred methods out of 10 methods- see more info here)). 

This is your place for all online shopping- a true one stop shop for buying all products, plain or luxurious, common or rare items, trendy or unique. We also list services and jobs on our classifieds boards. To sum it up- if it exists, it can be advertised or sold on Sale4Ever.com. 

Our mission is to be the No.1 favourite shopping destination for discovering great value and unique selection of quality items.

By helping sellers to develop their online businesses, we support our local community. We give our sellers access to the best platform, the technical solutions, and the support they need to grow their businesses and thrive. Here in Sale4Ever.com, we focus on partnering with our sellers, not competing with them. 
We are building stronger connections between buyers and sellers with product experiences that are fast, safe, mobile friendly, and secure. We also engage the latest SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) practices to help you to gain higher ranking on Google for your products. 

On Sale4Ever.com you can sell a variety of new items, from 10,000 categories- both on auction style and fixed price style (Buy It Now items). If you prefer, you can also advertise your ads in a classified style, and use our monitored internal messaging system for maximum security.

Being a leader in technology, we also developed some unique features- for example- "Make an offer"- where you can suggest a price to the seller of a product and discuss it with him. In turn he can counter offer you and upon agreement you can conclude the transaction. No more waiting for after auction time! Some famous auction websites forbid any similar discussion with the seller, altogether, and see it as an attempt to avoid their excessive fees. 

Mentioning fees- 

We believe that small businesses can enjoy a better alternative to do business online, rather than paying excessive fees, which sometimes can make your business transactions completely uneconomic. Our plans are affordable to suit your needs- check them out here. For your financial transactions, we do not use any in-house system, but let you choose your own methods- with a variety of financial instruments- from PayPal, Paymate, Amazon Payments, Sagepay and more... .

We also encourage you to open a FREE trial store (No monthly fees, no commission on sales either!) so you can establish your brand online. You are in full control- you upload and change your business details, policies and specials anytime. People take you more seriously when you trade as a shop owner. +You don't have to be in trade (own a company) in order to open an online shop on Sale4Ever.com, but please do consult with an accountant if you trade for living as we will cooperate with the tax authorities if required by law.  

Sale4Ever.com is not new to the eCommerce world- the website early days started in 2009 as up4sale.co.nz (don't take our word for it check the web archive records, and our registered trademarks with the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand), when our CEO, Roy Rodriguez, MBA, was leading the new project as a true alternative to the other auction site in New Zealand. 
Due to a popular demand, a niche eCommerce website was developed, CraftMe.com - for arts and crafts makers. This venture was gaining success in this arena, alongside with publicity appearance in newspapers, arts and crafts shows around Auckland and New Zealand...

Unfortunately, our CEO was involved in a car accident, which forced him to undergo a long rehabilitation process. Hence, the whole project was on hold for several years, and only in the last 2 years it was resumed. A new bespoke system for Sale4Ever.com was developed from the ground up- a new multi vendors marketplace, with innovative features and security standards.

However, we need your help to share all of this. Please take a minutes to sign-up, list a few items and share the news on social networks- you can find the links on every page on the the Sale4Ever.com website. 

So here to your success, 

The Sale4Ever.com Team