Up4Sale Fees- Zero Commission & Listings Fees

Here at Up4Sale we will NOT charge you any fees!

Selling on Up4Sale is totally FREE!

Zero insertion fee listings

At all time, all your listings are "zero insertion fee" listings- so you don't pay anything when you list an item/real estate/car/ service. This is valid for all Up4Sale Stores. Stores on Up4Sale are FREE and open to companies and individuals alike, so you don't have to be registered for GST if you meet the tax criteria. Please consult your accountant for your tax obligations.

Unlike many other auctions websites, if you relist your item, we do not charge an insertion fee for the original listing and each time your item is relisted.
Moreover, your monthly zero insertion fee listings can cover each of your relisted items until they're used up.
All categories are included in the zero insertion fee listings offer.

Zero final value fees (no commission on sales)

For the first time in New Zealand- Up4Sale will not charge any final value fees (commission on sales) when your item or relisted item sells, or if we determine that you intended to complete a sale outside of Up4Sale.

While on many other websites final value fees are calculated as a percentage of the total amount the buyer pays, including shipping and handling, here at Up4Sale we believe it's the time for ZERO fees- that's include all listings and classifieds.

Let us be clear- Sell as many items as you want, and we won't charge you listings fees or final value fees, whatsoever!

Here we go, our full fees list: 

User Sign-up Fee
Listing Fees
Additional Category Listing
Buy Out
Category Pages Featuring
Classified Setup
Make Offer
Highlighted Item
Home Page Featuring
Listing Images
Reserve Price
Store Subscriptions
FREE Trial Store, 2 weeks free trial
Free, 1 listings
FREE Bronze Store, 3 Months Period
Free, 50 listings, featured store
FREE Silver Store, 6 Months Period
Free, 100 listings, featured store
FREE Gold Store, 9 Months Period
Free, 1000 listings, featured store
FREE Platinum Store, 12 Months Period
Free, 10000 listings, featured store

Plus: Zero final value fees!
No Commission on Sales

In many other online auctions website, the basic cost of selling an item is the listing fee plus the sale transaction fee (commission), plus fees for any optional features (like highlighted items and feature on a category page or home page) and services you may use.

However, in Up4Sale we revolutionise the way Kiwis can buy and sell online. There are no hidden fees, sales commission charges or other nasty surprises. Enjoy your shopping!